Most of us realize that to the rest of the world, we dog people seem a bit weird. The grooming, the doggie sweaters, the organic treats and ergonomic dog beds are one thing, but dog toys like these go beyond overboard. The following dog house designs are so detailed, so realistic and so expensive that even their human house counterparts can be less attractive. These luxury dog house designs will change your opinion of what a dog house can be, but shouldn’t surprise you with what some rich dog owners are willing to spend to keep their puppies tails wagging.

Does your dog have a flair for the Mediterranean Revival? The Celebrity Hacienda Dog House ($30,000 U.S.) is a palace for your pup, inspired by the clay tile and stucco wall architecture of the Mediterranean. It features twin wooden doors that open and shut with a bit of pressure from your dog, keeping them sheltered from the elements and perfectly private. Those lights by the door don’t actually work, but with a couple LEDs and some handy wiring, you can give your dog some night time illumination. Good luck trying to get the little guy to cough up for the electric bill, though.

The Frank Lloyd Ruff in your family will certainly enjoy this one. Hundehaus Cubix: The Modern Doghouse ($2500 U.S.) is a white-walled, red trim dog house with large windows and an interesting woof, er, roof. It’s large enough for a few dogs to share, leaving enough room for them to adorn its inner walls with their favorite modern art.

If your dog is more of an on-the-town type, the Brick Estate Dog House ($25,000 U.S.) brings with it a certain air of southern socializing. Its red brick walls, white column porch and paned windows will make a serious statement to your dog’s house guests. If things are a bit too hairy in your own home, your dog can certainly enjoy a night on the town in this one.

Your little princess (or prince with an ambiguous gender identity) could only be truly at home in a castle. So until you can afford springing for a medieval home of your own, the Hundehaus Fairytale Dog House ($3250 U.S.) will have to do for your little royal ruffer. This pink castle features twin spires, a ramparted roof and a big, bold crown right above the door. So your dog may not ever realize just how adorable its castle home is, but your human visitors may not be able to handle the cuteness.

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