Service Dogs In Halifax Now Have Their Leash Free Park

Service Dogs In Halifax Now Have Their Own Leash Free Dog Park

Service dogs lives are all about disciplined behavior and loyalty.

"I Always Thought I'd Make A Good Service Dog For Finding Food!"

"I Always Thought I'd Make A Good Service Dog For Finding Food!"

Working for their physically challenged owners to make their lives easier, they are on call 24/7 when their master needs them and they always answer the call. They are all business and are trained meticulously for their life of commitment to others.

That is why a woman in Halifax who is visually impaired, did everything she could to have a dog park set up that was entirely for the use of service dogs. These dogs work so hard they need a chance to just be ordinary dogs now and then. To be able to run free and just be a normal dog for a few minutes is quite a treat for these dedicated canines.

When the service dogs are in this dog park, they are just like any other dog, playing with balls, running leash free for all they are worth. They are free of the stress that consumes their lives daily, no traffic or street curbs to contend with and their need to always be on

Psst, Dobey, Next Time The Gate Opens Let's Make A Break For It!"

Psst, Dobey, Next Time The Gate Opens, Let's Make A Break For It!"

guard for something which could mean harm to their master. Here in their own dog park, they are just an ordinary dog. Master and dog relaxing in a private

"My Mother Always Wanted Me To Be A Service Dog!"

"My Mother Always Wanted Me To Be A Service Dog!"

play area.

This dog park is special for both the dog and their master. They form a special bond outside of the services the dog performs for them and build a new side to their relationship that isn’t centered on work. It is some very special down time for the dog and a way for the master to payback the dog for their loyalty.

This dog park took two years to come to fruition with lots of discussion and arm twisting

"You Give Me Back My Stick Goldie!!"

"Get Back Here With My Stick Goldie!!"

that one must go through when dealing with a city council. This special dog park is for all dogs that provide a service for those who are disabled and it is the first of its kind, certainly in Canada. A dog park for service dogs was an idea that was spawned because of the fact that service dogs are not allowed to interact with other dogs at all.

Service dogs are required to be disciplined and yet

"Do You Mind! I'll Give You My Quote In A Minute Lady!"

"Do You Mind Lady! I'll Give You My Quote In A Minute!"

socialized for many different circumstances, including other dogs they may encounter on a day to basis. Playing with these dogs though is not an option while they are working. This is why a dog park just for service dogs is such a unique and necessary idea. This particular service dog playground is never crowded, there are only about eighty service dogs in Halifax. The point is they have a place of their own, sponsored by the city, where they can go and just be a dog for a short period of time away from their busy schedule.

"Hey, I Could Be A Service Dog. I'm A Bit Slow, But I Could Be!"

"Hey, I Could Be A Service Dog. I'm A Bit Slow, But I Could Be!"

The land used by Halifax city council had no specific use and they built the fenced in – gated area for only several thousand dollars. The money was used to place the fence, put in benches and provide signs. The city also provides bags to dispose of the dog’s waste. it was publicly posted as a dog park for service dogs only, all other dogs would be prohibited from entering, as it should be for these special canines.

It's A GooD Stick Mugzee, You Can Have It For 3 Liver Treats!"

It's A Good Stick Mugzee, You Can Have It For 3 Liver Treats And A Butt Sniff!"

To the best of anyone’s knowledge, this is the only dog park of its kind and there are plans to send the idea abroad, to other cities in Canada and even into the United States. Those who have heard of the service dog park like the idea very much. Universal S tudios theme park in California recently unveiled their own area for service dogs with some pomp and ceremony but it is only used as a resting area for the dogs. Halifax built their service dog park so these wonderful animals could run and play like normal dogs – if only just for a few minutes.

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